Woodhouse, Disney Charles

Chaplain to the Forces / Royal Sussex Regiment

1883 - 1916

He was the son of the Reverend Arthur Chorley Woodhouse, Rector of Winterbourne Monkton, Dorchester and later of Pampisford Vicarage, Cambridgeshire. His mother was Margaret Helen Woodhouse, daughter of William Morris of Windsor. He came to Winchester from Miss Sanderson's school at Cheltenham.

He went up to Clare College, Cambridge in 1902 and took his degree with a second class in the Theological Tripos. He later won the Carus Greek Testament Prize and graduated a Bachelor of Divinity. He was ordained in 1906 and in 1909 was appointed lecturer at Bishop Wilson's Theological College, Isle of Man, of which he was afterwards principal.

In 1915 he became the Candidates Secretary of the Church Missionary Society and the following January obtained a year's leave to take up a chaplaincy with the Forces. He served for four months at a Casualty Clearing Station in France and was then transferred to a battalion of the Royal Sussex Regiment and went with them through the Battle of the Somme. He contracted dysentery and died in hospital in Boulogne on 6th October 1916.

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