Benedict, Albert Edward Wilbrahim Julius Scott

He was the son of Sir Julius Benedict and Mary Comber Benedict (née Fostey). His father was an international pianist and conductor who worked in Vienna and Naples, studying with Weber and Hummel and was a friend of Berlioz. His most famous work was the opera The Lily of Killarney, and his March of the Templars was played in 1887 as Queen Victoria entered Westminster Abbey for her Jubilee service. Albert Benedict went up to Oriel College, Oxford in 1899 and graduated with a BA in 1902. He then became an actor in London, evidently specialising in comic roles. He is believed to have married Harriett Williamson in April or June 1912.

It is probable that he enlisted in the army in March 1915 since his Will was dated 7th March, when he was living at 11 Cavendish Mansions, Langham Street, London. He was gazetted Lieutenant in 2/1st Royal Buckinghamshire Hussars on 12th October 1915. The unit remained in England throughout the war.

He died in King’s Lynn at the age of 34, whilst serving as Adjutant of his unit. It appears that whilst on duty at St Margaret’s House, King’s Lynn, he accidently shot himself in the head with a pistol.

His death was not recorded in War Cloister.

War: World War 1

  • Surname: Benedict
  • Forenames or initials: Albert Edward Wilbrahim Julius Scott
  • House: C
  • Years in School: 1894-1899
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Regiment: Royal Buckinghamshire Hussars
  • Date of Birth: 12th May 1881
  • Date of Death: 16th December 1915
  • How Died: Died in an Accident
  • Location in War Cloister: Not listed
  • Decoration: NA
  • Burial Site: KING'S LYNN CEMETERY: Grave V.198