Boucher, Arthur Guy

He was the son of Arthur Sackville Boucher of Sharpcliffe Hall, Staffordshire and came into College from Sandroyd School. He was successively Prefect of School and Prefect of Chapel; he won the Warden and Fellows’ Prize for Latin Verse and the Duncan Prize for Reading, was placed first on the Roll to New College and in his last half was awarded the Goddard Scholarship: he also played for two years in College VI. One of his friends, John Blagrave-Ellis (Coll. 1909-1914) wrote in his “Just One of Them” that “his home was a large country house right in the country in North Staffordshire and (he was) accustomed to pursuits dear to the life of a country gentleman…. He was a good classical scholar and did well at all games”.

He attended OTC Camp with “Freddie” Baines (Coll. 1909-1914: killed in action 25/5/1915) and Fritz Crawhall (Coll. 1908-1914: killed in action 10/3/1915) at Tidworth in 1914.

From Winchester he proceeded straight to a training camp, and after some months at Gailes obtained a commission in December 1916 in the 2nd Battalion King’s Royal Rifle Corps going to the front the following February. Early in July 1917 his battalion was detailed to form part of the detachment posted on the east bank of the Lys just below the town of Nieuport. On the 10th of that month – his fifth day in the trenches – they were attacked by a superior enemy force and after a long and desperate resistance were overwhelmed.   A shell exploded near Boucher.  Concussed, he did not hear the orders from an approaching party of German soldiers to drop his weapon; several of whom raised their rifles and shot him.      He died of his wounds shortly afterwards.   His body was never recovered.

He was at first posted as missing, and not confirmed as dead until September 1917.

A silver tankard was presented to the school in 1917 to commemorate Boucher’s time here, and is still in use by the College Prefects.

War: World War 1

  • Surname: Boucher
  • Forenames or initials: Arthur Guy
  • House: College
  • Years in School: 1910-1916
  • Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
  • Regiment: King's Royal Rifle Corps
  • Date of Birth: 9th December 1897
  • Date of Death: 10th July 1917
  • How Died: Killed in action
  • Location in War Cloister: Outer F6
  • Decoration: NA
  • Burial Site: Unknown but commemorated on the NIEUPORT MEMORIAL