Fisher-Smith, Fereday

Although he is not included in the Wykehamist War Service Roll of 1919, or in Wykehamists Who Died in the War, Fereday Fisher-Smith was included in proper date order in War Cloister, and thus his death must have been notified to the school after it published the final versions of its lists of the fallen.

Fisher-Smith was the only son of Oliver Fisher-Smith, Judge of the High Court of Mauritius. His mother, Marion Beatrice Fisher-Smith, was the daughter of George Samuel Fereday Smith FGS, FRGS.   Fisher-Smith arrived at Winchester in Cloister Time of 1907, but was at the school for a very short time before leaving for Charterhouse the same year.

He obtained a place at Lincoln College, Oxford, in 1914, but it is unlikely that he took up residence since that same year he was gazetted to 4th Hussars as a Second Lieutenant. He was promoted to Lieutenant at some point before his death in action in Bourlon Wood, Cambrai, on November 28th 1917.

He has no known grave, and is commemorated on the Cambrai Memorial, Louveral. He was twenty-three years old when he died.

War: World War 1

  • Surname: Fisher-Smith
  • Forenames or initials: Fereday
  • House: K
  • Years in School: 1907
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Regiment: Queen's Own Hussars
  • Date of Birth: 15th December 1893
  • Date of Death: 28th November 1917
  • How Died: Killed in Action
  • Location in War Cloister: Outer E1
  • Decoration: NA
  • Burial Site: Unknown but commemorated on Panel 1 of the CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERAL