Hamilton, Hubert Stirling

He was the elder son of William Stirling Hamilton ICS (D 1883; Coll. 1884-88), of Fingalton, Fleet, Hampshire, and Kathleen Hamilton (daughter of G.R. Elsmie CSI). He was the elder brother of Robert William Hamilton (Coll. 1919-24, later Director of the Department of Antiquities in Jerusalem). He entered Mr. Little’s House (Du Boulay’s) in September 1916 and left in July 1921. His last year was in Sixth Book, a House Prefect and a prominent member of the Bisley VIII, who made a good score in the Ashburton Shield. He fenced for the School and was second in Kirby Foils.

He passed high into RMC Sandhurst in the summer of 1921, and while there he was first string for fencing. He went into the Royal Tank Corps, as the Royal Tank Regiment was then called, in 1923. After four years he changed his plans and left the army to go into business. He was married to Esme Constance Hamilton, and they lived at 33 Heathcroft Avenue, Sunbury-on-Thames.

During the war he served in the Home Guard. He was killed, at the “Running Horse” public house, Groveley Road, Sunbury-on-Thames, Middlesex, by enemy action on November 29th 1940, and is buried in Sunbury-on-Thames. He was thirty-eight years old.

War: World War 2

  • Surname: Hamilton
  • Forenames or initials: Hubert Stirling
  • House: C
  • Years in School: 1916-1921
  • Rank: Civilian
  • Regiment: NA
  • Date of Birth: 31st October 1902
  • Date of Death: 29th November 1940
  • How Died: Killed in Air Raid
  • Location in War Cloister: Not commemorated
  • Decoration: NA
  • Burial Site: Sunbury-on-Thames