Hill, Harold Belfit

Second son of W. Hill of Dordon, Tamworth, “Kit” as he was known, was with Mr. C.E. Stanford at Rottingdean before coming to Winchester. Two of his brothers were also killed in the war. He ran for two years in the winning team in the Junior Steeplechase. In 1911 he entered Birmingham University as a medical student and at the end of 1914 enlisted in the R.A.M.C.

Early in the following year he left for Egypt and after six months service there accepted a combatant commission in the Queen’s Royal West Kent Regiment and returned to Chatham for training. He joined the 1st Battalion in France at the beginning of 1916 and was slightly wounded in the first days of the Battle of the Somme.

On his recovery he transferred to the Royal Flying Corps, and at one point was involved in a crash, writing home that “when the rescue team arrived, they found two intrepid airmen smoking cigarettes and inspecting the damage”. After a six months spell as observer at the front he returned to England to qualify as a pilot. He acted as instructor at Reading and afterwards at No 26 Training Depot at Edzell, Montrose.

He was killed at Montrose in a flying accident on 6th September 1918, when the Avro 504A that was being flown by his pupil crashed from 100 feet up. His pupil, Lieutenant E B Matthews, was injured but survived.

War: World War 1

  • Surname: Hill
  • Forenames or initials: Harold Belfit
  • House: A
  • Years in School: 1907-1910
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Regiment: Royal Air Force
  • Date of Birth: 27th November 1893
  • Date of Death: 6th September 1918
  • How Died: Killed in a flying accident
  • Location in War Cloister: Outer E2
  • Decoration: NA