Job, Richard Herbert

He was the son of Herbert Shipley Job of Gezira, Cairo, and Marian Job and came to Winchester from Horris Hill.     One of his prep school contemporaries, Richard Adams, the novelist, recalled him in his memoirs:

“I remember how, when I was in Dormitory Seven, two boys called Wilkins and Meredith used to enact, vocally (we weren’t allowed out of bed) nightly episodes of a whole serial play.  It was about a stolen diamond, I recall, and continued, to much acclamation, for two or three weeks. At intervals the protagonists had to be in a car or an aeroplane, and another boy called Job – a nice chap who was later killed in World War II – was required to maintain continuously the Brrrrr of the engine. I didn’t envy him.”  (Richard Adams, “The Day Gone By”).

He spent his last year in Sixth Book Science, becoming a House Prefect in September 1940 and a School Prefect in January 1941.   He was not a ball game player but rowed with success, finding a place in the school VIII.  He was best at shooting and was in the Cadet Pair of 1939, shooting for two years for the VIII in the Country Life Cup and was Captain of Shooting in his last year.

After leaving Winchester he returned for a time to Horris Hill as an assistant master, before joining HMS Collingwood in January 1942.   He served as an ordinary seaman in the eastern Mediterranean and was able to see his parents in Cairo in June of that year, where his father worked for the National Bank of Egypt.   Three months later he was killed in action in HMS Coventry.

On 14th September whilst operating as part of  Operation Agreement, Coventry  was spotted and attacked by German Stuka dive bombers and seriously damaged, sinking off Alexandria.

He had been on the point of being sent back to England to train for a commission.   His parents lost both their sons within a few months.

He is commemorated on Panel 65, Column 3 of the Portsmouth Naval Memorial.


War: World War 2

  • Surname: Job
  • Forenames or initials: Richard Herbert
  • House: B
  • Years in School: 1936-1941
  • Rank: Ordinary Seaman
  • Regiment: Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
  • Date of Birth: 29th March 1923
  • Date of Death: 14th September 1942
  • How Died: Killed in Action
  • Location in War Cloister: Inner B1
  • Decoration: NA
  • Burial Site: Commemorated on Panel 65, Column 3 of the Portsmouth Naval Memorial