Innes, John Alfred

Third son of James Innes J.P., D.L., and Agnes Innes, nee Barlow of Roffey Park, Horsham, and one of three Wykehamist brothers. He entered Mr. Kensington’s House (Fearon’s) from Mr. C.E. Freeman’s school at Southborough.

On leaving Winchester he went through a course of instruction at Messrs. Armstrongs’ works¬†in¬†Newcastle (the machinery and armaments company), and subsequently became a partner in the firm Messrs. P. Wingham, Richardson & Co., steamship and insurance brokers, of London.

Two months after the outbreak of war he joined a Red Cross Motor Ambulance Convoy and served with it through the First and Second Battles of Ypres, being mentioned in Despatches. Subsequently, he was transferred as Section Leader to a convoy working with the French Army and was present at the Battle of Verdun, receiving the Croix de Guerre. He died at Epernay on 9th September 1918 after an operation for appendicitis.

In 1908 he married Miss Audrey Julia Broadwood with whom he had three children.

War: World War 1

  • Surname: Innes
  • Forenames or initials: John Alfred
  • House: D
  • Years in School: 1894-1898
  • Rank: Section Leader
  • Regiment: Red Cross Motor Ambulance
  • Date of Birth: 2nd February 1891
  • Date of Death: 9th September 1918
  • How Died: Died of Illness
  • Location in War Cloister: Outer A3
  • Decoration: Croix de Guerre