Bickersteth, Robert

He was the son of Henry Cecil Bickersteth of Ripon, and the grandson of Robert Bickersteth, Bishop of Ripon. He entered Culver’s Close from Mr. Roscoe’s school at Harrogate: he won Steeplechase in 1902. On leaving school he went into business in West Hartlepool, and in 1905 left England for Australia.

When war broke out he immediately enlisted in the 42nd Battalion Australian Infantry, and served first in Egypt and afterwards in France, being wounded once during the Battle of the Somme and again early in 1918.

He returned to France in the following August, and fell in action at Proyart on the 12th August, in the opening stages of the final advance.

He was proud of being a soldier with the Australian forces and refused a commission in an English regiment, but as a soldier in the ranks no particulars of his death were issued. It is however known that his whole company were killed taking a German trench. His grave was never found.

War: World War 1

  • Surname: Bickersteth
  • Forenames or initials: Robert
  • House: H
  • Years in School: 1898-1902
  • Rank: Private
  • Regiment: Australian Infantry
  • Date of Birth: 18th August 1884
  • Date of Death: 12th August 1918
  • How Died: Killed in action
  • Location in War Cloister: Outer B2
  • Decoration: NA
  • Burial Site: Unknown but commemorated on the VILLERS-BRETONNEUX MEMORIAL